Anthropologie celebrates Earth Day by turning the store windows into captivating art installations that serve as platforms for important causes. This year the windows, created by their own visual artists, pay tribute to the monarch butterfly whose annual migration, one of nature’s greatest spectacles, are at risk of disappearing due to vanishing habitats, extreme weather and increased use of herbicides.


“Every window we work on is special, but our Earth Day ones even more so because they educate. The monarch butterfly has such an inspiring story, and it’s humbling to have the opportunity to pass it on through our displays. We hope they will delight our customer and encourage her to learn more about the issues faced by the monarchs.”

– Erika Sorgule, Anthropologie’s display director –

Each team of visual artists at Anthropologie’s stores found an original way to creatively tell this important story, in the process transforming their location’s windows into fluttering exhibits. While each design is distinct, our artists used similar, everyday materials like fabric, paper and wood to breathtaking effect.

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_02 The Domain, Austin, TX

For the first time, admirers of the windows in select locations will have the opportunity to own them. Silent auctions will take place at participating stores and winners will take home their piece of the monarch window story in June when they are taken down. American Forests will benefit from the silent auction proceeds (

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_03 Allen, TX

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_04 Allen, TX

Anthropologie’s children’s craft workshops in late April are another special feature of our Earth Day celebration. Taking place in 136 of our stores, our visual artists will educate and encourage children’s creativity and imagination with butterfly-themed activities. For more information and participating stores please visit

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_05 Chelsea Market, New York, NY

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_06 Chelsea Market, New York, NY

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_07 Princeton, NJ

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_08 Princeton, NJ

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_09 Roseville, CA

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2014_spring_earth-day_monarch-butterfly_10 Roseville, CA

Image courtesy of Anthropologie