Jeans label “Denham the Jeanmaker” is founded by Jason Denham who also is partly responsible for the success of Blue Blood. Jason Denham is a real collector who collects jeans, bags and scissors, he even have a scissor from Andy Warhol.

The jeans label “Denham” is now 4 years old. The logo is derivative of a scissor from the year 1550, also the scissor where Jason Denham cut his first jeans with. The design of the jeans are based on vintage-items with a modern twist.

The Holiday window display of Denham women’s is all about scissors. Now the holidays are coming you see a lot of window displays where Christmas balls hanging on a lint. Denham stays true to their brand and chooses for scissors with the text “HAPPY SCISSORMAS” instead of Christmas. Also the snowflake on the window is created from scissors, talking about staying true to your brand identity.