The Harvey Nichols department store in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and Dubai created Ramadan window displays.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols_2014_ramadan_02 Harvey Nichols, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

Harvey Nichols Dubai collaborated with the Young Artist Award to create their Ramadan window displays.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols_2014_ramadan_04 Harvey Nichols, Dubai

“The inspiration behind my window display design is dripping water drops and the ripples they create in a water pond as they fall. The projecting units resemble the after effect of the dripping drop due to the water’s inter-molecular forces of attraction.”

– Protruding Purity by Nada Abu Shakra –

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols_2014_ramadan_06 Harvey Nichols, Dubai

“Inspired by an Arabic palindrome, typographic elements undulate across the wall surface. Emerging from and receding within a plane of physical materiality, the wall signifies existence without beginning nor end, infinite.”

– Sarah Alagroobi’s Ramadan Window Display –