The Anthropologie visual team went to the forest to get inspiration for the fall window display. They came back with the idea to use the humble mushroom and created different type of mushrooms for their windows.

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_02 Bridgeport Village, Tigard, OR

The honey mushrooms.

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_03 Bridgeport Village, Tigard, OR

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_04 The Galleria, Mt. Lebanon, PA

These are the wide-canopied meadow mushrooms.

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_05 The Galleria, Mt. Lebanon, PA

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_06 Hoboken, NJ

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_07 Hoboken, NJ

best-window-displays_anthropologie_2013_fall_mushroom_08 The Fashion Mall, Indianapolis, IN

Good news for all the prop lovers, selected Anthropologie stores will auction off their creations for charity at the end of the season!

Photos: Anthropologie Facebook page