Holt Renfrew created a Spring window display where mannequins are dressed in pastel colored clothing and placed in a setting of Summer moments.

best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_03 Selling fresh Lemonade at a Lemonade Stand in clothes of Zadig & Voltaire.

best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_04 Getting on the bike or go kiting.

best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_05 Enjoy sitting outside on the beach.

best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_06 Sitting on the pier and looking over the water.

best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_07 Take a romantic boat ride.


Sitting in the garden with your friends.


best-window-displays_holt-renfrew_2013_spring_02 Chilling in the hammock, surrounded by outdoor lanterns.

What are your favorite summer moments?