Rings with rare gemstones in blues and greens that evoke the deep hues of the mysterious night sea.

Tiffany & Co celebrate the 2014 Blue Book through window displays.

best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2014_spring_2014-blue-book_02 This spellbinding necklace is composed of pink sapphires surrounded by halos of white diamonds.

best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2014_spring_2014-blue-book_03 A candy store of gemstones radiates rich colors.

best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2014_spring_2014-blue-book_04 Nature’s brilliance, a constant inspiration for Tiffany designers, is celebrated in these garden-motif creations.

best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2014_spring_2014-blue-book_05 A stunning Tiffany Yellow Diamond is surrounded by a galaxy of white diamonds in this breathtaking necklace.

Source: Tiffany & Co Facebook page