Harvey Nichols HK created a summer window display with the theme’Objects’. The window displays featuring crafted everyday objects, such as notebooks, pencils and sugar cubes.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_02 The tea party window display with large tea cups, tea bags and sugar cubes.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_03 The colorful parrots window display with a large birdcage where a parrot is holding a handbag.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_04 The piano window display with a piano made of tapes.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_05 The books window display.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_06 The notebooks window display.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_07 The tree window display with a tree made of pencils.

best-window-displays_harvey-nichols-hk_2014_summer_the-objects_08 The car window display.

Photos: Harvey Nichols HK Facebook page