Following the success of Viktor & Rolf’s new candy scented fragrance, Bonbon L’Oreal has introduced a second phase of the launch with their ‘sculpture’ window in Selfridges this week. L’Oreal commissioned Elemental Design, the award winning retail design agency, to manufacture and facilitate the window. The creation is part of Selfridges ‘Beauty Project’ takeover which runs until 12th June.


The window display showcases a beautifully placed sculpture, inspired by the six key flavours of the fragrance. The prominent essence of caramel, is delicately mixed with tantalising tangerine, mouth-watering mandarin and an orange blossom and jasmine which captivates all the rich floral notes. Finally the fragrances woody vanilla and honey hues blend the rich sugary sweetness together.


Bonbon, follows in the wake of Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, one of the top sixteen prestige women’s fragrances worldwide.
Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren unveiled their new perfume at their couture fashion show in Paris, but launched the scent at Selfridges London in March. Bonbon took over Selfridges Oxford Street Beauty hall for the launch with two window displays flanking the entrance, a promotional site, beauty hall counter cladding and individual counter top displays, all communicating the pink and vibrant Bonbon aesthetic.


Image courtesy of Elemental Design